Australian Slang Quiz

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This is our Australian Slang Quiz. Make sure you’ve studied our famous Australian Slang Dictionary and the informative video before you attempt the quiz or you might end up with egg on your face!


1. If someone is giving you an ear bashing, what are they doing?

Yakking at ya non-stop!

2. Who/what is Joe Blake?

Joe Blake is a snake!

3. What/who is a digger?

An Australian soldier!

4. What/who is Chrissie?


5. If you are a bean counter, what are you?

An accountant!

6. What is a barbie?

7. What is an 'ankle biter'

8. If someone tells you to 'give it a burl', what are they telling you?

9. What is a bingle

10. What is a kip?

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